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|About Changyao
Professional and sophisticated, honest and responsible, sustainable service

Changyao was established in 1997. Over the years, we have always adhered to the work attitude of professionalism, integrity, responsibility and sustainable service, and are committed to meeting customer needs. We have professionals with practical experience to assist clients in civil litigation, criminal defense, administrative litigation, corporate legal compliance, banking and securities, finance and taxation, labor disputes, medical and pharmaceutical disputes, patents, trademarks, copyrights, business secrets, etc. Solve problems, reduce customer operational risks, protect customers' legitimate rights and interests, and gain customers' trust and recognition.

Chen JunmaoPresiding attorney
Lawyer | Accountant | Patent attorney

He has multiple professional identities including lawyer, patent agent and accountant, and has served as a prosecutor in the District Prosecutor's Office in Taichung and Taoyuan. When understanding customers' technical needs and providing legal solutions, they can think and plan from a broader perspective and demonstrate diverse and comprehensive professional qualities. Allowing clients to receive the most accurate legal advice and practical help when facing legal issues that combine technology and business.

Chen Guozhang, presiding lawyer

Chen Guozhang Presiding attorney
Lawyer|Patent Agent|Medical Examiner

With a strong background in law and life sciences, he is not only qualified as a lawyer, but also a medical examiner and patent agent. He has a solid academic foundation in the field of law, and his legal practice is not limited to theory. He also has professional knowledge and work experience in medicine, biology, and chemistry, so he is particularly specialized in case analysis and strategic layout of medical, pharmaceutical, and patent litigation. Can strive for the best interests of customers and solve difficult problems.

Li Shujuan Presiding attorney
lawyer|Patent Agent|Medical Examiner

With a background in medicine and law, and working as a clinical medical examiner for more than ten years, due to his interest in law, he further studied and successfully passed the national examination. Since practicing law, Mr. Li has always treated patients as if they were family members when working in a hospital. He listens to the difficulties encountered by the parties in the case with empathy and patience, and actively assists the clients to successfully solve their legal problems. He is deeply trusted and affirmed by the clients.


|Chang Yao Mission
Listen carefully, be wiseProtect and be with customers

We are not only legal practitioners, but also trusted partners of our clients. We know that every cooperation is based on mutual trust and accurate understanding of the profession. We have a deep understanding of the industry characteristics our clients face, so as to provide precise and customized legal strategies and solutions. No matter how the times change, we will continue to stand from the customer's perspective, listen with heart, guard with wisdom, provide sustainable services and be with customers to face every challenge and opportunity together.

|Changyao Vision
Actively recruit cross-field experts to create a better future with customers

We know that the high quality and sustainability of legal services are the cornerstone of achieving successful goals with our clients. Good interaction and mutual growth with clients are the key. We continue to strengthen our professional team, actively recruit cross-field experts, and provide seamless Only by providing consistent professional services, pursuing excellence, and keeping pace with the times can our clients occupy a favorable position in the ever-changing legal environment. Therefore, it is Changyao's unchanging goal to provide customers with comprehensive, professional, forward-looking and sustainable services and to create a prosperous and stable future with customers.

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