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Chen Guozhang, presiding lawyer

Chen Guozhang Presiding attorney
Lawyer|Patent Agent|Medical Examiner

With a strong background in law and life sciences, he is not only qualified as a lawyer, but also a medical examiner and patent agent. With a solid academic foundation in the field of law, legal practice is not limited to theory, but also has professional knowledge in biochemical science. It can transform complex medical technologies into legal language, use its rich professional knowledge to strive for the best interests of clients, and handle various types of Difficult and complex legal intellectual property cases.


Corporate business, medical disputes, labor disputes, intellectual property rights, family cases and general civil criminal litigation cases.


Lawyer passed the college entrance examination|Medical examiner|Patent agent

Lawyer at Delu Patent and Trademark Law Firm
Lawyer at Jianye Law Firm
Internship at Root Law Firm
Biotechnology Development Center
Taiwan's cutting-edge advanced biotech pharmaceutical company


Master of Science and Technology Finance, CITIC School of Financial Management
Master of Science in Chemistry, National Yang-Ming University
Department of Law, National Taiwan University
Master's program at National Chung Hsing University Institute of Science and Law

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