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Li Shujuan Presiding attorney
Lawyer|Medical Examiner|
patent attorney

With a background in medicine and law, and working as a clinical medical examiner for more than ten years, due to his interest in law, he further studied and successfully passed the national examination. Since practicing law, Mr. Li has always treated patients as if they were family members when working in a hospital. He listens to the difficulties encountered by the parties in the case with empathy and patience, and actively assists the clients to successfully solve their legal problems. He is deeply trusted and affirmed by the clients.


Family cases (marriage, parent-child, distribution of remaining property between husband and wife, wills and inheritance division, etc.), medical cases,

Intellectual property rights cases, general civil, criminal, and administrative litigation cases.


Lawyer passed the college entrance examination|Medical examiner|Patent agent
Lawyer at Dewei United Law Firm
Part-time lecturer at Sun Yat-Sen Medical University
Part-time lecturer at Asia University
Medical Dispute Mediation Committee, Taichung City Health Bureau
Member of the Human Experiment Committee of Caotun Sanatorium
Secretary General of Taichung Medical Law Association
Medical Examiner, Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen Medical University


Graduated from Tunghai University's Master of Laws class
Graduated from Institute of Biochemistry, Sun Yat-sen Medical University

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