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Consultant Li Zhihao

Li ZhihaoSenior consultant

Consultant Li Zhihao has served as a legal director and corporate management consultant for many companies. He has handled more than 150 cases in corporate litigation, labor disputes, consumer disputes and tax negotiation, and has won more than 150 cases. He is also good at domestic and overseas company organizational structure planning. , enterprise management, legal compliance matters and risk avoidance, has rich corporate legal experience, can better meet the needs of business owners and provide appropriate business management suggestions, and can take into account legal risks, allowing business owners to capitalize on unique business models and new industries. Can eliminate worries.


Enterprise management, company law, labor standards law, intellectual property rights and general civil criminal litigation cases


Huahan Technology Co., Ltd. Legal Counsel and Education and Training Lecturer (Hon Hai Group)
Tom Bear Entertainment Co., Ltd. Corporate Management and Legal Advisor
Dachuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Legal Department Manager (Dalianda Group)
Huada Digital Co., Ltd. Legal Manager (joint venture between Chunghwa Telecom and HTC)
Kapok International Co., Ltd. Legal Specialist


Bachelor of Laws, National Taiwan University

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